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Established in 1977      Family-Owned and Operated     


Featuring Non-Destructive Cleaning



Building-Friendly, People-Friendly, Environmentally-Responsible Cleaning


Specializing in Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Office Buildings


We Spend 3X the Industry Average on The Three Keys to
Customer Satisfaction
- Employee Screening, Training and Supervision






I'd like to recommend 2 pages in particular on this website - our Building Manager Resources Page, full of useful information no matter who cleans your building, and our Trade Secrets, which are available only to Facility and Property Managers and Owners in the Seattle area.


If and when you're ready for a quote, or if you have questions about my company or the commercial cleaning industry in general, please feel free to call me or email. I'll treat every communication from you with the utmost respect, and in accordance with our No-Hassle Policy, I guarantee that we won't bother you with follow-up sales calls, emails and brochures just because we spoke. Our only goal is to give you information on how our company can benefit you and your facility - we are absolutely zero-pressure.


Thanks so much for your interest, and I hope we can someday add your company to our list of satisfied, long-term Clients.


Best Regards,



Home>  Services>  Bids & Quotes>  Resources>  Trade Secrets>  Contact Us>




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