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Please note - We are not entertaining new business at this time - we believe in paced, controlled growth in order to always run smoothly for our Clients. If you would like to be notified as to when we will be giving quotes again, please click "Contact Us" and send us a message. And thank you for your interest in our company - we sincerely appreciate it!


Established in 1977      Family-Owned and Operated

Featuring Non-Destructive Janitorial Office Cleaning in the Greater Seattle Area

Building-Friendly, People-Friendly, Environmentally-Responsible Maintenance


We Spend 3X the Industry Average on The Three Keys to
Customer Satisfaction
- Employee Screening, Training and Supervision






If and when you're ready for a quote, or if you have questions about my company or the commercial maintenance industry in general, please feel free to call me or email, and I guarantee that I won't treat your contact as permission to spam you with follow-up sales calls, emails and brochures. Our only goal is to give you information on how our company can benefit you and your facility and let you decide if you'd like to take further action.


Best Regards,



Services>  Bids & Quotes>  Contact Us>





tel: (206) 932-9155


Email:  info@janitorial-services-seattle.com


PO Box 16731   |   Seattle, WA 98116




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